Switzerland Camp: 27th July – 6th August 2017

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Following France 2013, Wings 2014, and then the Haarlem Jamborette, Holland, 2015 – our next big international adventure is Switzerland 2017!


Latest News…



May 2017 – So we’ve now had our final prep day which involved the Scouts deciding which song for the campfire, which activity for the open day, finding out tent groups, duty groups and practicing our roll call.  We also covered liquids at the airport, security, planes, hand luggage and safe use of ski lifts.  Other bases also checked our group kit, and handed out booklets, UK and Switzerland badges too!  We ended with a parents meeting covering the key points, answering questions and so hopefully we’ll all set for the trip now – in just over 2 months!



Late March 2017 – Booking details circulated on OSM for our next and final Swiss Prep Day II with the chance to circulate some more information to the Scouts/Explorers going, see what they’d like to do for the international campfire and carnival day + give out our booklet all about the trip along with UK/Swiss badges for the uniform too.  At end of the prep day is a parents’ meeting where we’ll cover the plan for the trip as well as answer any questions there might be…


Mid-March 2017 – Some more cool stuff arrived ready for our trip…  Though you’ll have to wait till the summer to see what’s inside!

File 20-03-2017, 21 15 55


March 2017 – George completed the KISC activity booking form and got it in to them just 1 minute after the summer activity booking season opened!  Just waiting to hear back from them soon with what they’ve managed to book for us…


February 2017 – The Leaders gathered for their next planning meeting to decide on lots of things including tent groups, airport/duty groups, finalised the activity plan (including a survey on what the Scouts want to do), times/location to meet for the start of the trip and pickup at the end, finalised t-shirt design and material, adapted a booklet for you with all the key details in, plus lots more!


January 2017 – It’s arrived, the year we travel to Kandersteg International Scout Centre!  The countdown has truly begun..!


Late November 2016 – For various reasons, some of the logistics have now changed…  So now everyone (including all the Explorers) are flying out and back Bristol-Geneva with Andrew and Glen driving the kit van out, then Andrew and Jim driving the kit van back.  In the next few weeks we hope to sort out train tickets to get us from Geneva Aiport to Kandersteg, after which we should know more precisely how much is left for activities whilst we’re there…


November 2016 – Good news – flights are booked!  EasyJet released their Summer 2017 flights last Thursday so we were up early that day booking our flights for next July/August and got some great prices too, which means more ‘spare’ for activities whilst we’re over there…  Full details to follow next year but if you’re interested, for most of the group, it’s the early morning flight from Bristol on Thursday 27th July to Geneva taking off at 07:35.  Then the return is the late evening flight from Geneva landing at Bristol 22:00 on Sunday 6th August 2017.

Groups – we also need to start deciding on groups for our trip, so groups for at the airport, for tent arrangements, groups for duties (cooking & washing up)…  So if your Scout/Explorer would like to suggest a first and second preference as to who they’d like to be in a group with then please complete this survey to let us know – here – survey closes 9th January 2017.

Swiss T-shirt Designs – following voting on the 6 possibly designs during September and October, the winning front design and the winning back design are shown below…  The back design has morphed into a Devon/Swiss cow complete with updated names of those attending!  We intend to provide everyone going with a red t-shirt with the below design printed white on it front and back, within the cost of the trip.  We may also look in to offering optional items of clothing such as hoodies and extra t-shirts with the same design, at additional cost, if people are interested – please let us know if you are…

final-front final-back


September 2016 – Everyone going should have, or soon will have, 3 each of our very unique holey Switzerland badges to sell as a fundraiser.  Simply sell each one for at least £1.50 each, and anything above £1.50 goes towards your fundraising for Switzerland.  If, in the unlikely event that you aren’t able to sell your badges, then please return them along with any money raised from any sales by our last meeting in December or before.  We’ll give everyone going their very own one next year that can go on your uniform then.

Travel insurance – we’ve sent off the insurance application so we’ll soon be covered for our trip and ready to book our flights!  If interested, our travel insurance policy is through Unity, the Scout Association’s very own insurance company, and all the details are here.



Late August 2016 – Now open – a survey to decide the design of our Switzerland t-shirts..!  Based on the designs the Scouts came up with back on our first Switzerland prep day in February 2016, there are now a number of designs shown in the survey to form the front and back of our t-shirts.  A previous survey (that also decided on the logo) decided that it should be red material and white printing, so we just need a design to print now.  Please  click here to see and vote on your preferred designs by 1st October 2016…



Mid August 2016 – Last and final chance to join our amazing trip abroad next year!  As after the end of August we start getting into the detailed planning stage and booking of flights, travel insurance and various other bits n pieces.  Please let us know by the end of August if your Scout wants to take part but isn’t already on the list to participate…



Mid August 2016 – Just some photos of all the goodies that have arrived over the last few weeks!  UK scarfs to wear, badges to sell/wear and a flag to fly too…

actual scarf (2) Badges flag (3)



August 2016 – So we’ve now ordered 150 badges, 40 UK Scarfs and 1 flag all featuring our Kandersteg trip logo above!  The reason for 150 badges is for some to sell as a fundraiser and some to go on the uniforms of everyone going.  It’s looking like our group will comprise of 22 Scouts, 8 Explorers and 6 adult leaders next summer which is a great number!  We’ve also been re-working the budget to try and get the maximum amount possible for the activities whilst we’re over there…



July 2016 – We’ve now paid 1808 CHF (Swiss Francs), approx. £1456.03 to KISC (Kandersteg International Scout Centre)!  It’s our deposit to reserve our spot on their campsite next summer and is only 50% of the total camping cost so we’re talking high finance…  But all within budget and it means we can now start sorting all the other bits like flights, food, activities…

Thanks too to everyone for handing in copies of their Scouts/Explorers’ passports and EHICs to help with planning for the flights.  Some expire passports/EHICs before next summer so if yours does please renew it as and when you can then get an updated copy to us please.



Passports & EHICs…

Those that have been abroad with us before will surely remember that we like to collect in photocopies of passports and European Health Insurance Cards (EHICs) before travelling.  Well this time we’re doing the same but need to collect in the photocopies by 5/6/7 July 2016 please.  There’s a few reasons for this being mainly so that we can check everyone has valid documentation, but also importantly so that we can book flights as soon as they become available in the Autumn, to get the best price.  So it would be great please if everyone going could firstly check that their passport and EHIC are valid until at least March 2018 – airlines like documentation valid for at least 6 months after travelling outbound.  Then secondly, by 5/6/7 July 2016, please hand in to any Leader a photocopy of the passport photo page and the EHIC, ideally on 1 side of A4 please.  Any problems please get in touch.

EHIC’s are free and can be applied for online here

Passport applications can be begun online here




We now have a logo for our trip to Switzerland!  Shown above is the winning design that earned the most number of votes in our recent survey.  So expect to see this logo everywhere – on badges, flags, t-shirts/hoodies, letters and more…  The winning colours for the hoodie and t-shirts, were as you might expect, red material and white printing so more info about this later too



Switzerland Prep Day I – In February 2016 we held our first prep day for this trip, gathering the views of the Scouts, Explorers and Leaders going as to what activities they’d like to do, what sort of food they’d like to eat, checking kit and designing a logo/t-shirt for our trip.  All the logo designs will shortly be available in a survey where you can all vote for the preferred design…



Switzerland Launch – We launched this Switzerland trip in September 2016 immediately after showing the video all about our previous international trip to the Haarlem Jamborette, Holland, during the summer of 2016.  If you missed it, here it is…



The Scouts are raising money to help fund their transport for their 2017 summer camp. Please keep an eye on this site for fund raising events and support them however you can.
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